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WP6: Validation and proof-of-concept

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WP6 is responsible for the validation of CLERECO early reliability estimation methodology and for the demonstration of project results exploiting deliverables and methods coming from WP3, WP4 and WP5.

Two main activities will be carried out within this WP. Although the main load of WP6 is at the end of the project, during the first half of the project it will define the evaluation methodology. The first activity will focus on the automation of all algorithms and methods defined within WP6 for the CLERECO reliability analysis within a prototype Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool-suite. This is a mandatory task to enable the application of CLERECO methods to real test cases. The second activity will instead focus on the definition of realistic use-cases on which CLERECO concepts can be efficiently demonstrated and validated. This second activity will be steered by CLERECO industrial partners that will cooperate to the definition of relevant application examples.

Reliability of selected use cases will be analyzed through the developed EDA tool-suite at different design stages, considering different sets of available information, thus reproducing realistic situations typical of a product design cycle. Reliability results obtained through the use of the CLERECO method will be constantly compared to reliability measures obtained through traditional extensive (and clearly costly and time consuming) fault injection campaigns as well as laser/EM injections. This will enable CLERECO partners to clearly assess the accuracy of CLERECO estimation.

Eventually, CLERECO optimization design heuristics will be exploited to show how project results will help designers in optimizing developed systems gaining better performances.

Leader: THALES


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